South Pacific Rock Lobster (Jasus caveorum)

Our South Pacific Rock Lobsters (Jasus caveorum) are harvested in the Southern Pacific waters south off the Easter Icelands not far from “Point Nemo” (The most remote place on planet Earth), It is processed with strict quality control and ready to be delivered to our customers. All of our Lobsters are fished, processed and frozen on board our vessel “Akanui”.

We offer Whole Frozen Lobsters, Tails, Clusters, Horns and Heads of different sizes. The Whole and the Tails are packed in a 10 kg master carton, while the Clusters, Horns and Heads are packed in 4,5 kg cartons.

Jasus caveorum is a species of spiny lobster found on a single seamount in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, discovered in 1995 by fishermen from New Zealand. It is most similar to Jasus frontalis from the nearby Juan Fernández Islands but is more closely related to species from the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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