O. C. Joensen has been a well-known and respected name in the Faroese business community since the 1890s. Today, O. C. Joensen Ltd. is a part of the worldwide shipping company, Thor Group.

The company was established when Ole Christian Joensen obtained a trading permit and started a general store in the village of Oyri on the west coast of the island of Eysturoy. Ole Christian Joensen is descended from a family of kings yeomen. The 17th generation of this family still lives on the farm today.

Initially, Mr O. C. Joensen dealt in food products, fodder and fuel. However, when his two sons inherited and carried on the shop, the product range was broadened to include different kinds of processed fish and fish products. Over the years, improved infrastructure in the Faroe Islands reduced the need for local storage facilities and the Joensen family had to break new ground. In the 1970s the company invested in vessels and production equipment.

Today O. C. Joensen enjoys an unrivalled leadership position in the field of scallop and crab fishery in Faroese waters. The Certificates can be viewed here.

O. C. Joensen has its own scallop trawler, which is fishing Queen Scallop in Faroese waters, and its own scallop factory.

O. C. Joensen also has its own crab and lobster fishing vessel, which is fishing in the South Pacific Ocean (SPRFMO) under Cook Islands Flag.

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